Sex over 50... Fitness Matters

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For men over 50, nothing enhances sexual performance more than fitness. Practice these four key areas and bring your sex life to new levels. Sex over 50 improves with fitness and healthy living.

Sadly, many men find sex over 50 to be a state of declining sexual performance. And it is sad, simply because it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, men over 50 can enjoy sex as much or even more than they ever have in their lives.
Here are four simple but important areas that will bring sex springing back in senior men:

1. Lift weights with intensity

One factor in declining sexuality in men over 50 is a reduction of the male sex hormone testosterone. Numerous studies by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows significant elevations (25%) above baseline concentrations for both total testosterone and for free testosterone after heavy resistance exercise in men over 50.

Importantly, these results show that hormone response to strength exercise depends mostly on the intensity of the exercises and the total amount of muscles recruited by the exercise. This indicates that compound exercises done with a heavier weight and lower reps (6-8) increases the production of testosterone, the hormone behind men's sex drive.

2. Practice high-intensity cardio training (HIT) 

Spending long time periods on the treadmill at a slow pace is fine, but you'll need to kick it up a notch to improve your sex life. The International SportMed Journal published several studies showing high-intensity exercise can drive increased testosterone production in men.

In fact, one study showed that high-intensity exercise resulted in a significant increase in testosterone only after 10 minutes of exercise, compared with longer low-intensity exercise levels with insignificant hormone level response.

Men over 50 should check with their doctor first, but sprint training also appeared to increase testosterone levels. Several studies show 30-second sprints result in a significant elevation in free testosterone.

And another study compared 30-second cycle sprints to constant low-intensity cycling. The sprinting group experienced a rise in testosterone approximately 450% greater than after the low intensity group.

3. Get your carbohydrates and sugars under control

A big part of any health regimen is carbohydrate management. Our bodies break carbohydrates into sugars (glucose) that we use for energy. The process is driven primarily by insulin, which is secreted in response to the glycaemic load ingested.

If the glycaemic load produces higher glucose levels than the body needs for energy, the remainder is stored as fat. Being overweight can affect sex drive in senior men through areas such as hypertension and poor self-image.

Most important, however, is that high glucose levels decrease testosterone levels. Bottom line: eliminate sugars and highly glycaemic foods from your diet to increase sexual performance.

Also very important, increased glucose levels decrease nitrous oxide (NO) production, which is the important stuff that relaxes the penile blood vessels, allowing for erection. Viagra, for example, is based on NO, so why not elevate NO naturally?

4. Get the fats right

Pennsylvania State University, USA, conducted a study on the effects of fat intake on testosterone levels in men. The study showed subjects eating moderate fat levels exhibited higher testosterone levels than the subjects eating low fat, confirming previous studies demonstrating that dietary fat is positively linked with testosterone levels.

What's more, the Pennsylvania State University study showed that the effect of fat intake on hormone levels depended on what kind of fat is consumed. Specifically, researchers found that monounsaturated and saturated fat raised testosterone levels, but polyunsaturated fat does not.

The researchers concluded, "Metabolic clearance rates of Testosterone were not changed and production rates of Testosterone showed a downward trend while on low fat diet modulation. We conclude that reduction in dietary fat intake (and increase in carbohydrate) results in 12% consistent lowering of circulating androgens levels without changing the clearance."


In a nutshell, some fat is good, so having that cream cake and eating it after a steak every once and a while is good. Do reduce the sugar and carbs, get yourself out of breath 10 minutes a day, lift weights and you will stay hard, in more ways than one.

You are Never 2 Old 2 get into the very best shape of your life even after age 50 and you'll get sexy with it as well!


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