Keep motivated and away from the telly!

Written by Mo'TV'hater

In the 'have it now with little effort' world we now live in, everything is at our fingertips, normally attached to a phone, it is easy to see why we choose to do our adventure and fitness in the safe virtual world of Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. But we're not just missing out on being healthy - We're missing out on all the Fun!

Only 30 years ago in the 1980's children played more outside and parents often played with them. We walked or cycled to school and climbed stairs rather than using lifts or escalators. We felt the sun on our faces (before we found out it could harm you) and knew what it was like to be wet and tired. Now we can, if we choose, never feel hungry, never feel too hot or cold, never have to get out of breath or ever have to put any physical effort into doing anything. Where's the fun in that?

In the last year or so we have seen an emergence of adventurous alternatives to more conventional fitness activities and events like Tough Mudder, Pink Tri and The Color Run drawing massive crowds of spectators and participants. Adventure Racing and obstacle course racing, like our own local Xtreme OCR based in Landsborough, have also built a following of participants who, surprisingly enough, are not restricted to a younger generation. Many of the entrants are made up of those same people who played outside or walked to school 30 years ago. Some of THEIR parents are still joining in too.

As life expectancy is increasing by an estimated three months every year, without some sort of physical exercise, does living longer mean we are more likely to spend more time being ill? Whilst the world goes through a focus on child obesity it comes back to one overiding principle - we should lead by example - if we do it our children are likely to follow. Coupled with this, studies have found that improvements in our fitness levels - or even just preventing them from deteriorating - can reduce the risk of death, irrespective of whether we lose weight. Just get the blood pumping regardless of the kilos lost - it will still do you good.

So how do we keep motivated and away from the telly? Challenge yourself and challenge your friends and family. Join a group of like minded people and make a commitment to be there. It is easier to roll over in the morning, stay in your warm bed and catch a few more zzzz's if it's just you but if someone else is counting on you to be somewhere then it is harder to just not turn up. Before the advent of mobiles we would arrange to go out and to meet at a certain place. We also tended to be on time otherwise we might miss the group. Now we text to find out where they are or tell them we aren\'t coming. And we miss all the fun. Put the MIND in 'Mind over Matter\' - Make a pact, Ignore your phone, Never back out, Do it.

So join a group of friends in making a challenge, from walking the Mooloolaba Spit in the morning to meeting up for a bike ride on the weekend. You never know, you might even commit each other to doing something outrageous like the Tough Mudder and, because of their no refund policy, there is no backing out! You are Never 2 Old 2 - Become A Grand Mudder!

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