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With event promoters continually breaking entry records or selling out in record time it is clear that fun events participation is growing rapidly. One of the largest demographics is the mature competitor looking to do something fun and challenging. Most of these events do not target this group so are missing out on their involvement and subsequent revenue stream. Advertising with  in the 'ACTIVITIES''PARTNERS' or 'EVENTS' pages will gain you valuable exposure to this growing and yet untapped customer base.

A presence on will help target both the new and experienced fun seekers as they plan their next adventure. Advertising on allows the opportunity to target a broad cross section of mature customers  and provide the information, clothing and equipment they are looking for to get involved. Businesses who should advertise on include:

Sports equipment manufacturers:

• Personal & Group trainers
• Gyms and fitness establishments
• Mountain bikes, road bikes and corresponding components
• Kayaks and kayak essentials (PFDs, Paddles etc)
• Surfboards, paddleboards and kite board suppliers
• Backpacks, Hydration packs and other essentials
• Sports apparel and equipment manufacturers
• Retail or online stores
• Nutrition companies
• Car, camper and caravan manufacturers – aimed at Adventure lifestyles
• Or any business deemed a 'Bucket List' activity i.e. Skydiving, Hand-Gliding etc.

Site Statistics & Usage Feedback is a new site but, after face to face consultation, expects a rapid increase in users in the next few months. What started as a hobby on Facebook has become a valuable  tool in the event planning process for mature activity and event exponents. As usage continues to grow the site will provide valuable exposure for your event or product. We intend to share the details of site usage through Google Analytics on a regular basis to provide regular feedback as the site continues to grow.

'EVENTS' Organisers will list any event for FREE as long as it meets the 'suitable for and possibly interesting to mature adults' criteria. We also offer very cost effective listing for your day to day 'ACTIVITIES' business for only $9.95 per week. This is simply to cover creation of a page and day to day administration of the site.


For your $9.95 per week fee we will create a page for you offering information of your business and links to your website or Facebook page. We will also carry out updates as required, with the first two updates per year for FREE. We You can either provide the content or we will scrape your website or Facebook page. Details for providing content are - 

4 x images and a maximum 2000 characters description

Image specifications
Tile Dimensions: 1 x 300px x 300px (i.e. 300 wide by 250 height) for business tile
Photo Dimension: 3 x 960px x 720px (maximum)
File size limit: 150kb
Format: PNG, JPG or GIF (no Flash)

'PARTNERS' - Sponsors and Shop

Currently these pages are featured as a carousel on most pages except individual 'ACTIVITIES' pages. It is planned to offer a 'Pay Per Click' facility once usage is determined. Until then your business can appear for the same investment cost as our 'ACTIVITIES' businesses, same content requirement with a link to the most suitable page of your choice.

With a goal to increase the involvement of mature adults in fun, fitness activities, hopes to become a valuable asset to your business whilst getting the growing 'mature' Australian public out and enjoying life.