What to Choose - Activity or Event?


These are ongoing exercise or leisure activities that are periodic whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. It can range from yoga lessons each week to Xtreme OCR training packages that get you ready for Events.

Featured Activities

Determined by popularity, time of year or unique offering that may appeal to users due to it's quirky nature. These will rotate on a regular basis so have a look at all the activities to ensure you are not missing out on something that might appeal to you!

Ongoing activities

These are regular offerings from gym membership to weekly boot-camps to business cycling networking. Some of these will migrate to Featured Activities depending on seasonal or popularity changes. Keep checking, keep choosing.

Challenge Yourself

Somewhat teetering on the verge of being an Event, these are activities that some might baulk at but that others always wanted to do. Think sky-diving, mountain climbing, scuba diving or running the whole Sunshine Coast Cross Country series.

It may be hard, you may sweat, you will be challenged.

Easy Goes It

For something a little more relaxed, aimed at those wanting something less hardcore but which still requires a bit of effort. Not so much stretched to your limit but working on the limit of your stretch. Yoga can fit in this as can lawn bowls but don't be fooled... They can still present quite a challenge!


Once a year or large scale offerings that we do Activites for, Events are our Bucket List. Think Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, marathons, Caloundra Fun Run, The Color Run, Ride For Cancer or any large scale or heavily advertised Event. They don't have to be extreme, just not so frequent that you hope you don't miss it. Start collecting the medals, ticking off your bucket list or fund-raising for your favorite charity.

 Never 2 Old 2 - Make Life a Memorable Event.